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Noah Blair ~colour
One of my new oc's I am working on he is a Swordman this is just his face and testing out colours.
Que the fangirls and the 'Oh he looks like a mix between Noctis and Cloud' Uh just don't...I mean I love Cloud but he wasn't based on him.
Hayate walking
Another one of the sexy agent Hayate Akiyama. He is confident when working but shy around girls. He claims that he likes being alone, but really I think he is just in denial XD and says that because he is single. Takes himself way too seriously and when he makes a joke it is purely deadpan or dry humour.
How did I manage to lose 3lbs just today?! Weird, probably faulty scales or something lol
Anything from personal questions to random ones!
Name: Hayate Akiyama
Age: Said to be in his 20's
Height: 177.5 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Blood type: B
Location: Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate: July 18th
Eye colour: Orange-brown
Hair: Black
Occupation: Unknown, but he has information about everyone in the whole city. (Not a creep I promise)
Personality: Quiet, Loner, Kind, Secretive
Likes: Computers, Being alone, cold showers and working out
Dislikes: Girls fawning over him, getting embarrassed and hot weather.
Measurements: 40-30-31
Shoe Size: 28.5 JP
Clothing Size: Tops M-L, Bottoms S-M

Not much is known about Hayate, he seems to be in solitude, and doesn't go out much. He spends most time on his computer and working out and doesn't seem to make much time for food.
I legit think Hayate is like some of my old ocs fused together. His personality is like Jin and Hibby mixed together with a bit of Kaiji, his body is Juri's mixed with Hibby's? Hair like Ren, skin and eyes like Kazuki xD
I was so relaxed when drawing this piece, I really like the way that he looks, he is not my usual bishounen style but I think he is super handsome and deserves some love. Note: The face angle and body was a nightmare for some reason my hand was really stiff O.o 
Goodbye Master...(Story in description)
The final goodbye, Koya admits to Ren that he loves him more than a close friend and he wanted to be with him. The coat was a request from Ren to handcraft for Koya's birthday. And unfortunately his last birthday...

Koya: Master...I have something to tell you...but I...uh don't want you to be upset.

Ren: Koya, what is it?

-Tears welled up in Koya's eyes-

Koya: It's so painful keeping it together, you. I have loved you since I became a butler at this manor, I want to hold you and I think you're amazing...I sometimes just want to kiss you and...I want you to caress me and love me forever, but I know you don't see me in that way.

Ren: Koya...I...had no idea you felt that way..

-Koya looks down at his feet-

-Ren lifts his head-

Ren: You don't have to be embarrassed.

Koya: I also have to tell you that I um...

Ren: Koya?

Koya: I am dying.

Ren: Koya?! what! When did you? Why did you keep this from me? -Ren has tears in his eyes- -He hugs him- Koya please don't...

Koya: I have to...go. I don't want to be a burden.

Ren: Koya this is selfish! please don't go.

Koya: I have one last request. Tell Miine and everyone that I love them all and give them this -he hands Ren a letter-

Ren: Koya how long have you got...?

Koya: Not long...

Ren: How long?! Please...

Koya: A few hours.

Ren: A FEW HOURS?! -Ren cries even more clutching him even more, Koya feels even more skinnier than before- You have lost weight and you were going on about me not eat for a few days- This coat barely fits you anymore.

Koya: Goodbye Ren

-Koya walks off into the sunset-
1. There are 4 maids, 3 butlers and 4 cooks.
2. Each member is part of a low-high nobility family with the exception of 1 cook Kenichi, Miine and her brother Michiya.
3. The manor has at least 30 rooms, 4 maids rooms, 3 butlers rooms, 4 cooks room, male and female staff bathroom, a gym, dining room, sauna room, Ren's bathroom, kitchen, spare room, library, lounge area, pool area, stock room, laundry room, male and female changing rooms, Ren's personal bathroom, living room. Also there is a Zen garden outside, a garage which has 3 cars, Ren's personal car, limo and emergency car.

4. Maids names are Miine (25), Yukina (22), Risa (18) and head Maid Chiyo (60)
Butlers names are Koyanei (28), Michiya (21) and head butler Issei (65)
Cooks names are Kenichi (30) Hayate (24) Nobuyuki (20) and head chef Junpei (53)
I really need to tell Master Tsubame the truth, I really love him deeply more than anything in the world...but I can't, and my time is limited...I am sorry Master, Miine and everyone...only a few more days...
Need help with money, so does anyone know how to set up art commissions?
Mika is very intelligent, and is professional when teaching.
Anything from personal questions to random ones!


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
I pretty much set up this profile to chat with friends, fanart for friends and my various pieces of artwork. I might be doing tutorials on things such as how to draw in my style and the basics like face shapes and eyes.

ID Drawn by :iconlani-senpai:


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